Hello, I am a Software person in Lincoln Nebraska. I often call myself a Software Engineer, or maybe a Software Architect. I spend a good amount of time leading software projects at Don't Panic Labs. I also help teach a software design and development clinic at Don't Panic Labs.

Employment: I have been at Don't Panic Labs since the start in 2010. We have focused on creating new software products. We do a lot of software projects, some projects are new green field, some are renovations of existing systems. We focus a lot building sustainable software by using solid engineering practices, those practices apply to both new and existing systems. At Don't Panic Labs we are a team of highly skilled engineers, that care alot about creating positive experiences for our customers. Find out more here.

Education: Doug and I created a week long education class. The DPL Design and Development Clinic focuses on taking software developers and making them into software engineers. Key Topics covered
  • Foundations of Software Development
  • System Design
  • Software Construction
  • Legacy System Migration
  • Advanced Topics
Find out more here.

Blog: I write a lot of blog posts for Don't Panic Labs. Most of the blog posts focus on
  1. Software Architecture
  2. Software Design
  3. Cloud Technologies such as Azure
Find out more here.